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Prosperity Financial Accounting adheres to forward thinking, technology-based solutions with tried and tested processes that produce reliable financial information.

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At Prosperity Financial Accounting, we prepare our client’s personal and business tax returns.  We also help businesses, even if they're not existing clients, by supplying them with information like P&L statements.  We’ll do that at an hourly rate to help businesses get ready for tax season.  We are an ERO (Electronic Return Originator), so we can file returns electronically.

Benefits for working with Prosperity

$1,000,000 Tax Audit Defense™ with Protection Plus

All taxpayers that file their individual tax return with us have complete access to our expert tax audit defense team. In the unlikely event you receive a tax notice from the IRS or State, our Protection Plus audit defense team will provide up to $1,000,000 in services to find a resolution.

Identity Theft Restoration with Protection Plus

Protection Plus will assist with recovering your identity after an identity theft incident. After notification of an identity theft incident, you will be assigned a Privacy Advocate who will assess the severity of the situation and take immediate action to begin the identity restoration process.
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