Prosperity Financial Accounting adheres to forward thinking, technology-based solutions with tried and tested processes that produce reliable financial information.

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What makes Prosperity Financial Accounting different?

CEO Elmer Howard’s business background differentiates PFA from other accounting firms.  Most have CPAs that come from the financial world.  CPAs are great at looking at situations and focusing on the current tax year but might not stop and think about the business itself.  That’s where Howard comes in.  He brings a systematic business approach when working with small to medium-sized businesses.  Such as advising business owners that maintaining a healthy cash flow is better than spending more cash to avoid taxes for the business to maintain long-term financial success.

Many CPAs don’t think about running a business. They’re thinking about how to save money on taxes.  Prosperity Financial Accounting has a different approach.  Instead of strictly focusing on the tax situation, we focus on company goals and help business owners make the right decisions for their businesses.

Prosperity Financial Accounting offers multiple services:

“If you were to get your personal tax return with HR Block, you’d save about a hundred compared to what I would charge.  But if I file your tax return, I will save you thousands of dollars as I did with one of my most recent clients when I strategized with him and filed his business as an S-corp.  I asked my client if he thought HR Block would've given him this advice and saved him that much money. He said…probably not.  You get what you pay for.” – Elmer Howard

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Our team has over 50 years of bookkeeping/accounting, HR, Payroll, Medical Billing, and consulting experience.

Elmer Howard

Elmer J Howard


In 2015, CEO Elmer Howard founded Prosperity Financial Accounting.  It all began when he worked with world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Kevin Emery.  Word quickly spread, friends began asking him to file their taxes, and eventually, the company was born.  He doesn’t do any advertising. He acquires clients strictly through word of mouth and client referrals.  He enjoys helping clients.  Educating them on what’s best for their business and loves consulting with them.

“Many people don’t understand how accounting works. There's a difference between profit and loss and balance sheets. Having to explain to people how accounting works is the business that I’m in.  I'll file someone's taxes and get them a huge refund. They’ll thank me for it, but I didn't do anything.  I just followed the tax laws.  I'm not personally responsible for that refund, but I‘m grateful that I got them a huge refund.” – Elmer Howard

Elmer Howard

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